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Mrs. Orgegon

"Criscione Family Dentistry, P.C. provides stellar dental care for individuals of all ages! Going to the dentist here is almost as enjoyable as the spa! You'll feel at ease while reclining in the comfy luxury dental chairs. Each dental professional at Criscione is here to take care of you. Providing thorough dental cleaning and excellent care. Going to the dentist is not dreadful, it's a delightful experience! "


Criscione Dental, Dr Andrew Sype is my hero !

Let's begin with my story, I was 10 years old living in the rough streets of East Los Angeles. My mother, who was a single parent, decided to take me to the dentist because of all the candy I was eating and the cavities I was accumulating. So, the dentist she took me to had a bad reputation around the neighborhood of being a hack that only works on medicare insurance patients. Looking back now it was kind of scary, there were no fish tanks with tropical fish or fancy fashion magazines to read or even a nice candle lit vibe, dentist's offices have now. This was a dark, cold, sterile environment and I was not having anything to do with that. So, as soon as the dentist put me in the big intimidating chair he told me "I'll be right back" I jumped up and ran as fast as humanly possible out the back door and ran home.

My mom was beyond mad at me as one could imagine, she tried to make me go back but I refused and never returned. Now let's flash 30 years later, walking into Criscione dental office with an extremely painful toothache, I was horrified ! I told the assistant that I was not a fan of dentists or dental work. She told me that she would inform the Dr. of this, as I sat in the chair this "kid" "man Boy" walked up and said hey, "Vince how you doing?" I will be taking a look at your tooth and I will be gentle and talk about everything I am doing, ok? I was like " is your dad the dentist" He is like "no I am the dentist" (in my head I'm like dude, your just a kid) ( Dr. Sype looked like he was 16) Well it turned out to be an awesome experience and I love my Dentist!!! he does great work and is an pleasure to see and chat it up with. Not only have I told several of my friends who are now his clients but my wife and I have been his clients for 12 years now !

I just wanted to tell you my funny story and why Dr Sype is my hero !

Vinnie Bargas

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