Nomad Portable X-Ray

Nomad portable x-ray gun sitting on sterilization table

The NOMAD Pro 2™ is a completely portable xray system. Producing images is fast, efficient, and safe for patients and the dental team. In cases that patients are home bound, we have the unique ability to take dental images, return to the office, and develop the films which aids in diagnosis.

Innovative modern technology, the NOMAD X-ray is the perfect choice if you need off-site x-rays.


The battery powered NOMAD X-ray offers cordless operation and freedom. It can take 100 exposures on one battery charge meaning we can get all the x-rays we need in one visit to your home or remote location.


The high-frequency X-ray generator provides a constant radiation output. This improves image quality while reducing the skin exposure to our patients. The NOMAD also comes equipped with an external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding to protect patients and staff from excess radiation exposure.